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Clean Footprint Ltd. was formed in 2007 in order to service the requirement for an experienced construction contractor that was familiar with the modern method of construction utilizing Permanent Insulated Formwork, (P.I.F.’s) also known as Insulating Concrete Form (I.C.F's)
From custom home construction to home improvement projects, our professional and experienced staff can provide a solution to all of your residential and commercial construction needs.

As experienced ICF contractors we specialise in insulating concrete form ICF construction. ICF construction offers owners and builders many advantages compared to timber or steel frame walls.
Buildings constructed with ICF walls provide enhanced comfort, solidity, durability, resistance to natural disasters, quietness, and energy efficiency.
Energy Efficient Home
Need an energy efficient home?
Want to save up to 90% on your home heating bills?
Would like to improve your building energy rating?
Want to make your home more valuable?

Upgrading and improving the energy performance of an existing dwelling should be careful planned and the key issue of heat loss must be the primary concern. Inadequate insulation standards, air leakage through poorly insulated attic space, heat loss through chimneys and poor glazing performance in windows result in huge heat loss.

By targeting these problem areas you will reduce your heating requirements and therefore your reliance on increasingly expensive energy resources the "once off cost" of insulating your home will be easily recuperated as energy prices continue to rise in the future.

The majority of homes are not energy efficient, Contact us before you call out and pay a Building Energy Rating assessor.
What we do:
• Assess your home using Air Pressure Testing & Thermal Imaging.
• Advise on upgrading your home to EU standards
• Insulate your home to guarantee a better Building Energy Rating (BER).
• We provide structural engineering packages, survey reports and full design packages
• All our work is tested and certified by GREEN HOUSE.

Our mission is to build ‘A’ Rated Homes and to give you, the customer, the House of Tomorrow

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About Us

The team at Clean Footprint is made up of a nucleus of highly experienced construction contractors ranging from groundworks specialists to formwork ,civil engineering and specialist house builders.

The team have all worked together on various projects over a period spanning 20yrs.

All have the common goal of providing a superior standard of quality in their product and ensuring that the construction period is reduced to a minimum without compromise.
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Choosing Your ICF!

Which ICF should I use? What is the best ICF? How much does it cost to build using an ICFSo you have landed on this page to get some information in the hope of assisting you with the decision of which Insulated Concrete Form to build with.Why I choose StyroStone for the preferred ICF system....

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Did you know?

Did you know homes that are to be rented, sold or leased since 1st Jan 2009 require an Energy Assessment?

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We Guarantee a better Building Energy Rating if you use Styrostone products! Find out more about our services!

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