StyroStone Supply scandal

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StyroStone® supply scandal

StyroStone® supply scandal

Potential self builders aiming to construct their new dream homes should be made aware of a clever play on words being used by some unscrupulous ICF contractors.

ICF's (Insulated Concrete Forms) also known as PIF's (Permanent Insulated Formwork) have been known generically as styrostones. Building blocks constructed from styrofoam. However as the popularity of this modern method of construction soars so do the inevitable availability of imitations grow.

There are a number of excellent reputable products on the market each with their own merits and also downsides. The original styrostone system was produced in 1950 and named the Iglu-system.
Since then many ICF's have emerged.

StyroStone® are one of the oldest and highly respected companies in the ICF business. Their system has been imitated world wide and variations to the design have enabled any breach of copyright. The family run company are sadly victims of its own success. Nowadays when a prospective client enquires to a construction contractor or ICF supplier “do you build with/ supply styrostone they inevitably reply YES. Of course they are being truthful to a degree, they will build with styrostones -stones made from Styrofoam.
They are not however using the official STYROSTONE® brand. The client may think they are “getting a deal” by not buying off the official web site. Beware! they could be using an inferior product and the client does not know any different. The risks are that the substitute product does not have any accredited certification. The insulation values could be lower or the density of styrofoam much lower than the real thing. The pitfalls are that mortgage companies will not lend on uncertified systems. If the thermal insulation values are not adequate – energy bills will be higher. If the block density is low there is a risk of blow outs during the concrete pour.


In Wales we have a renowned delicacy known as the Clark's Pie It is a pie to die for!
There is an art to eating one of these gems, acquired only after years of practise. Once mastered you would never eat anything but the original Clarke's Pie. Many bakers have tried to copy this delicacy they fail miserably. How do you know you are buying the real thing- it is embossed into the base pastry of the pie “CLARPIE”.
How do you know if you are in fact getting the real deal and buying Styrostone ® ?
Quite simply the real Styrostone® has the logo embedded into the walls of every stone. Each pack of blocks comes on a pallet marked with the StyroStone ® logo.

Do not settle for anything less than real Styrostone's, Like the original pie ,they just won't rest easy on the pallet.

Please be aware that CleanFootprint  Ltd only use the original StyroStone ® products.

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