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Monday, 21 January 2013 16:48

ICF Contractors

ICF Contractors


Elements of the StyroStone product range

The team at Clean Footprint is made up of a nucleus of highly experienced construction contractors ranging from groundworks specialists to formwork ,civil engineering and specialist house builders.

The team have all worked together on various projects over a period spanning 20yrs.

All have the common goal of providing a superior standard of quality in their product and ensuring that the construction period is reduced to a minimum without compromise.

As ICF Contractors we aim to provide a service tailored to individual project requirements whilst respecting environmental issues.

Clean Footprint promotes the use of StyroStone insulating forms for its structural wall elements.

Having researched the market for 10yrs we find that although most ICF providers are of high quality, StyroStone have the edge with their broad spectrum of blocks providing the requisite u value to suit individual projects and their “complete system” eliminating the need for additional timber shuttering around windows , door openings etc.

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